BROOKLYN (PIX11) — The Holocaust monument on West End Avenue in Sheepshead Bay stands tall and strong, as do the survivors it honors, but after it was recently vandalized, it is now causing pain.

“The reality is acts like this tear apart the very fabric of our society,” said New York State Assembly Member William Colton.

Different countries that were victims of the Nazis are engraved on each slab of concrete at the base on the monument. Assemblymember Colton’s office says vulgar language was handwritten on the monument. He said it appeared to have been to be a poorly written attempt at Ukrainian on the Russian slab of the memorial.

“It purported to basically be a statement against Putin, but it was done in a very strange grammar form,” Colton explained.

The Ukrainian community is speaking out against it.

“It is sad that a memorial to the greatest crime against another nation that we could imagine is used to divide people,” a member of Ukranian-American Organizations of New York said. “That is something we condemn.”

The words have since been removed and although there was no antisemitic language, the vandalism is not being tolerated.

“The offense here is that someone would desecrate, deface a monument that is dedicated to making sure that never again do we see the violence in the Holocaust repeated here,” Colton said.

An elderly resident of the neighborhood who says she is a Holocaust survivor is hurt by what was done.

“Why this hate must be?” she asked. “For us, this is very, very sad.”

Elected officials want a thorough investigation and for the suspect to be prosecuted.  

“How have we come to the place in society of chaos and anarchy?” asked New York City Council Member Kalman Yeger. “Where anybody could do whatever they want and there are no repercussions? The answer is clearly because there’s a failure in the criminal justice system. People aren’t punished for doing bad things.”

The NYPD says the Hate Crime Task Force is investigating this case.