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BAY RIDGE, Brooklyn — The founder of  Grandma’s Love Inc. has the perfect name for her organization.

Theresa Monforte-Caraballo, a 60-year-old mother of three and grandmother of five, is just filled with love and has spent the last five years making sure no child in the three schools she works with goes hungry, especially during the holidays.

“If a child doesn’t have a Thanksgiving dinner, it forces them to fib when they go back to school on Monday,” Monforte-Caraballo told PIX11.  “We’re blessed to have partnered with Saint Joseph’s College for this Thanksgiving drive.”

The former teacher will be providing Thanksgiving dinner to 40 families including more than 100 children.

Why does she do this labor of love?

“It’s just my way of giving back,” Monforte-Caraballo told PIX11. “When I’ve had issues, there have been a lot of people to help me so this is my way of giving back.”

Grandma’s Love provides weekly backpacks of food throughout the school year for students in need at PS 506 and 503 in Sunset Park and PS 264 in Bay Ridge.The backpacks are numbered, but they don’t have names on them because Theresa  understands people often are often ashamed to ask for food.

“Parents are sometimes embarrassed to go to the pantry,” Monforte-Caraballo told PIX11. “Children are the future and their education is very important. If they don’t eat, they can’t learn. It is our way of helping them improve in school and have a future for themselves.”

The tiny office of Grandma’s Love on 68th St. in Bay Ridge is packed with food, books and even new clothes donated through the Grandma’s Love Facebook page.

To make a donation, visit the organization’s website.