BROOKLYN, N.Y. (PIX11) — Brooklyn resident Camey King spent her life being strong for other people as a nanny, single mom and caregiver for her mother.

King’s now overwhelmed after learning she will have to leave her home of 13 years.

“I’m getting emotional,” King said during an interview with PIX11 News. “I pay my rent. I always pay my rent.”

King said she had no idea her landlord lost the property she lived in to foreclosure. The new owner gave no reason for evicting King, explained Legal Aid Society staff attorney Leigh Mangum.

“All the notice said is that this building has been foreclosed on, essentially we don’t want you to live here anymore. You have 10 days to move, otherwise, we’re starting an eviction case against you,” Mangum said.

“Tenants like Ms. King who live in what we call unregulated buildings have very little protection,” Mangum added.

“Good Cause” eviction legislation would better protect tenants like King, by requiring landlords to show justification before they evict someone from an unregulated apartment. It also includes limits on how much rent can be raised.

The legislation could pass along with the New York state budget, but a budget deal was due nearly three weeks ago, and lawmakers have been stuck on key issues including bail reform and housing.

The “Good Cause” eviction legislation does have opponents, including Small Property Owners of New York. Member Ann Korchak believes “when all building expenses go up, rents need to rise to cover those expenses.”