BROOKLYN, N.Y. (PIX11) — A Brooklyn dad is devoted to giving back to his community. Inspired by his own life experiences, 49-year-old Dorian Muller drives around in a rented U-Haul truck providing food and clothes to those in need.

Muller is on a mission to help his neighborhood, one person at a time. Muller and his truck have become a well-known fixture at the Farragut Houses in Dumbo, where he’s earned the nickname “Mr. Pantry.” 

Once a month, Muller rents a U-Haul truck with his own money. Even though he no longer lives at the Farragut Houses, it’s where he grew up and where his heart is.

What drives Muller now is his painful past. He lost his 16-year-old brother to gun violence in 2000. It’s a pain he still carries with him every day. 

Muller said he sees himself in every people he helps. His goal is to provide even more with his own van, rather than having to keep renting one. 

PIX11 News found out about Muller’s mission from another community champion, Michelle Anderson, the founder of the Melquain Jatelle Anderson Foundation. She said Muller was too humble to tell the news about himself.

If you want to help Muller purchase a van of his own, you can donate to a GoFundMe.