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Norman and Carole Cohen — the epitome of a classic New York City love story — celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary Thursday. 

They exchanged their vows 70 years ago, then jetted off to a honeymoon in Cuba. So the theme of their anniversary party was Little Havana. 

“I guess I love her very much I stayed with her for 70 years,” said Norman Cohen.

Their incredible love story began when they first met through mutual friends and decided on a whim to go on their first date.  At the time, Norman was in college and working at night, so he says he had to seize the moment, and he says Carole was quite a catch.

Both born in Brooklyn, the couple married at Casa Del Ray in 1951. Their wedding song was Tony Bennett’s “Because of You.” Carole is 89.  Norman is 93.   

For the past two years , they have lived happily on the Upper West Side at the Atria West 86

This loving couple say what they are most proud of now, is their family. 

Their advice to other couples who decide to tie the knot?

“Make sure you do things together and want to do things together,” said Carole Cohen.