CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn (PIX11) – School is out for winter break, so the dancing has started at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, but the learning hasn’t stopped.

Brother Jerome Hunter is the artistic director at LaRocque Bey School of Dance Theatre in Harlem but is teaching the children at the museum about Kwanzaa.

“It’s like edutainment,” Hunter said. “We entertain them and educate them at the same time.”

Atiba Edwards, executive vice president at the museum, said it is their 15th annual Kwanzaa celebration.

“It’s a celebration that’s honoring families, friends and community through gatherings, music, food is always involved, gift-giving. And every day over the seven days there’s a principle, and today we’re starting off with Umoja, which is unity,” Edwards said.

The holiday brings together cultures throughout different African nations while also honoring African American culture. On Monday, that was displayed through jazz music.

The non-religious and non-political holiday is a purely cultural celebration to form a connection back to Africa and the African diaspora.

“Sankofa means you have to look back to your past in order to move to your future, so if they know a little bit about their roots, they have a lot more respect for what we’re doing here,” Hunter added.

People of all backgrounds are welcome to join. With traditional sounds banging on the djembe drum, the children wasted no time dancing.

Parents, like Fei Bo, and their kids are learning while having fun.

“There’s the common theme of family, working together, unity, purpose, and it’s having great fun together as a family,” Bo said.

So that all families have a chance to check out one of these workshops, the museum will be putting on these events all week.