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PARK SLOPE, Brooklyn — It’s always a good time for pizza. Ask Miriam Weiskind. For the past year and half, she has been making pizza around her Park Slope neighborhood. 

“My mom inspired me to give pizza to those who need it. I put up a menu and told people it was free, just text or knock. One pie became more pies and throughout the pandemic, I made 5,000 pies in this tiny little Brooklyn apartment,” she said.

She also collaborates with local restaurants, bars and coffee shops. Current locations can be found on her website and Instagram account.

Her passion for pizza began years ago when she created “The Za Report” to cover local slices and conduct tours. Her work as an art director has also influenced her current vocation. 

But the pandemic pushed her toward pizza. The Ohio-native decided to try to make a living in the industry and do good. That last bit of inspiration came from her mother.

“All the pizza I bake is in honor of my mom. She passed away during covid. She never got to try it. She inspired me to bake and do good for others,” she said. 

She’s looking for a brick-and-mortar locations now and a Kickstarter campaign has raised $65,000.

She says there are 2,500 pizzarias in the city and just seven of them are owned by women. She plans to become number eight with a shop in Brooklyn.