PARK SLOPE, Brooklyn (PIX11) — A man walked off with a Brooklyn bodega’s cat on Friday, the owner said.

Owner Abdul Majeed got Boka for Green Olives Deli and Grill in Park Slope in January. Boka was beloved; some customers came just to play with him, Majeed said.

“Friday, 29th of July, he was playing in the store and someone was waiting outside for the cat, to take him,” Majeed said. “As soon as the cat was out, he directly take the cat and walk away.”

Surveillance video shows the moment around 4:30 p.m. on Friday when someone in a blue hat, white shirt and khaki pants scooped Boka up and walked off. A photo of the apparent cat-napper has been posted at the bodega’s register in case customers recognize him.

“He has to return the cat, unharmed,” Majeed said.

He isn’t the only one looking for Boka. Customer Sandra Ellis went out with friends looking for the cat.

“I just hope someone has the heart to return him, safe, and no hard grudges – just return the cat,” she said.