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WILLIAMSURG, Brooklyn — Welcome to the “Nightmare Machine.”

This “face-your-fear” pop-up experience in Williamsburg is clearly not a haunted house, but is inspired by one, just before Halloween.

Nine rooms have been turned into ghastly art installations, perfectly designed for your next Instagram post.

“I hear lots of screaming, this will be fun,” said Kay Woods, a patron from Washington D.C.

One smoke-filled room is filled with tombstones, some frightening, others silly, with one stating “this person died from not forwarding that text message.”

Another “person” lying in rest is the L train.

And then there’s the cockroach room: 10,000 cockroaches crawling up the walls — a little too realistic for some.

Another room offers a sick twist on doing laundry, with body bags hanging upside down waiting for their socks to be cleaned.

“Halloween is my favorite holiday and everyone and then I get a good spook,” said Tyller Little, lead brand manager.

Then you follow your guts with walls lined with intestines as you enter the pit of hell.

The “Nightmare Machine” is open every night until Halloween, though many shows are already sold out. Click here for tickets.