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Rob Abner started Bushwick Flea just this past April, but is now worried about some negative publicity over this piece of art.

Abner is a Queens native who says he simply wanted to make some money and do something fun in the neighborhood.  And despite two pieces of art from a hispanic artist and an asian artist, Abner says this crochet mural by a street artist is the one garnering some bad attention.  It is glued to the building on 56 Willoughby, the home of Will Giron’s aunt, without ever seeking permission

Giron spoke to PIX11’s Magee hickey over the weekend.  He believes the disregard for his aunt’s property screams white privilege and the power gentrification has over long time residents, particularly the immigrant families.

Abner believes the situation has spiraled out of control and now has gotten personal.  A flyer is up around the neighborhood calling on a boycott of Bushwick flea, even sharing Abner’s personal FB posts about illegal immigration and going as far as calling him racist.
Abner took a moment to clarify his posts.

“I’m anti-illegal immigration.  I’m pro immigration.  My grandparents were immigrants, but i’m against illegal immigration and that’s what my posts are about,” explained Abner.

As for the artist behind the work, London Kaye, said her work is meant to promote happiness and make people smile. Since it’s not quite achieving that goal in Bushwick for some she’s spending hours today to take down this piece, one she says is about young love.