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DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN, N.Y. – The Administration for Children’s Services unveiled a new facility in Downtown Brooklyn on Monday, which the agency says will put children and their families at ease during what can normally be a difficult time.

ACS Commissioner David Hansell says it’s a state-of-the-start facility.

“Children and families deserve a space that reflects their importance to the city’s future,” Hansell said.

ACS has 19 Child Protection sites across the city with six of them in Brooklyn. This new space consolidates four of the six Brooklyn sites into one central location.

It spans three-and-a-half floors at 12 MetroTech Center and is inviting, modern, and technologically advanced to make the experience easier.

City officials say the planning and design was done with children and families in mind so they don’t feel like they’re in a government office. Agency leaders say it’s bringing them into the 21st century.

William Fletcher, deputy commissioner of the Child Protection division, says it’s a welcoming environment.

“Away from the hustle and bustle of office sounds like copy machines, printers, and computer keyboards,” Fletcher said.

Up above on the 30th floor are dozens of rooms, including the Children’s Corner. This is a colorful, animal-themed space where kids can play games or a read a book while their parents meet with caseworkers.

There’s also an area for teenagers with tablets and WiFi available, so they can comfortably do their homework.

A dedicated boutique, not only meant for children, displays clothes and accessories.

“If mom or dad has a job interview coming up, they can look for business attire,” Hansell said.

Family Court is also conveniently located in the same building for families whose cases require appearances.

Lisa Hines-Johnson, deputy commissioner at ACS, says they will do great work in this new atmosphere.

“We look forward to positively impacting the lives of all those who walk through these doors,” Hines-Johnson said.

The new location will be open to children and families just in time for the new year.