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WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn— A 7-year-old is on life support after choking on her lunch at school in Brooklyn.

Noelia Echavarria, a second grader at P.S. 250 in Williamsburg, has been declared brain dead after a mysterious choking incident last week.

“I want the school really, really come and give me the answer. And I want them to tell me the reason they let my daughter, be like that in the hospital, and nobody coming to tell me,” said the girl’s mother Ana Santiago, who is heartbroken over her daughter’s condition.

On October 21, a panicked educator who saw Noelia choking ran outside and flagged down an EMT working for a private company, who miraculously just happened to be parked outside. The EMT ran inside, and cleared the little girl’s airway.

The family’s attorney David Perecman has several questions surrounding the choking incident.

“I’m troubled about the amount of time, it took to call 911,” Perecman said. “With the little information we have, it appears there was a 911 phone call at about 2:30. But that’s the same time that the EMT called 911. And if that’s the case, that means he’s the first person to call 911. And if he’s the first person to call 911, then the school did not.”

The Department of Education released a statement saying they believe the faculty responded swiftly, but they continue to monitor the situation.