BROWNSVILLE, Brooklyn (PIX11) — Three male students were stabbed or slashed outside of Brownsville Academy High School in Brooklyn on Tuesday, authorities told PIX11 News.

Police said one victim was stabbed in the torso, another was slashed in the chest, and the third victim was slashed in the head. Police initially said all three were stabbed.

No arrests have been made, as of Wednesday morning, police said.

“As a mother, anybody would be terrified about that. How can you not?” said Anisa Benjamin, who lives next to the school.

Benjamin said she’s considering moving and won’t even let her kids play outside because of days like this.

“How can I be safe enough to bring my kids outside? What if my kids go to the park here or go to the park there and something like this happens?” Benjamin said.

A spokesperson for the school safety agents union said the violence started with a fight on the perimeter of the building. It was not immediately clear what led to the fight.

Another school, Aspirations Diploma Plus High School, is located at the same address.

One neighbor, visibly upset by the violence, said it’s not representative of Brownsville as a whole.

“We live in this community. We care about this community. And then when you have people that come to this community and think that everybody’s like this, we’re not,” said Kricket Nimmons.

A spokesperson for the Department of Education released a statement condemning the violence:

Violence has absolutely no place in our communities. NYPD, EMS, school staff and NYPD school safety agents immediately responded to this incident, which occurred off school property during dismissal. We are providing the necessary follow-up supports to this school community, including emotional and mental health supports for any student who needs it.

Spokesperson for the New York City Department of Education