NEW YORK (PIX11) – A shooting on board a subway train in Brooklyn caused terror among New Yorkers during the rush hour commute Tuesday morning.

Disturbing photos and videos posted to social media showed the aftermath of the shooting. They can be a lot to take for adults who ride the subway, let alone children who are also hearing about the news. To help quell fears about riding in the subway, the NYPD doubled its presence in the subway system.

In a time like this, psychologist Jeff Gardere said it is important for parents to model positive behavior in front of their children instead of panicking.

“Try to keep our acts together, be honest as possible, but show them we can deal with this kind of information,” Gardere said. “It’s scary, it makes us nervous and we need to be honest about that, but the important thing is that we keep our wits about us and come together in order to talk to one another as to what this feels like, the fear that we may be experiencing and how we will protect ourselves a little bit better once we go back onto the subway.”

Teenagers who are on social media are likely to see the photos and videos from the shooting. Holding a family meeting is a good way to speak with teens about what happened, Gardere said.

“We must be able to talk to our kids, have open communication, not just when a crisis happens but before that. When that crisis does happen, that is the time when we really do need to step up, sit down with them, meet them where they are and ask them what it is they know, what is it they heard and what it is that we can help them with,” Gardere said.

Gardere recommends parents monitor their children for any change in behavior that may indicate they are struggling with the news.