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NEW YORK (PIX11) — One New Yorker was on his usual morning commute to work aboard the N train on a regular Tuesday morning when an attack unfolded.

Kenneth Foote-Smith was one of several commuters who witnessed the shooting aboard their subway train in Brooklyn. He joined PIX11 Morning News on Wednesday to talk about his experience during the incident, starting from the beginning.

“It was just not a normal subway noise,” he said of the shots he heard aboard the train. “I wanted that first initial bang to be just a subway issue.”

Foote-Smith was just one car away from where the shooting happened. He saw smoke coming from the door of that car. When they reached the subway stop at 36th Street, he heard more gunshots while waiting for the doors to open. 

“It was pure chaos, and no one kind of knew what to do,” he said of the scene as riders flooded the station.

As the investigation regarding the shooting continues, he said that he believes many New Yorkers will still be riding the subway trains as they cannot afford other modes of transportation. Foote-Smith said no one should have to worry about incidents like the shooting on their way to work or back home.

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