BROOKLYN (PIX11) — Residents across Brooklyn heard booming noises on Thursday night.

One user on Twitter posted video of what appears to be fireworks. Some said the noises sounded like explosions. Illegal fireworks have been an issue in the past and, in 2020, a task force was launched to crack down on the issue.

At the time, Mayor Eric Adams was borough president in Brooklyn: the borough with more complaints than any other in New York City. He previously told PIX11 News he didn’t want to see attempts to end the fireworks turn into “fireworks between the police and the community.”

“It’s time for all those who call 311, who don’t want heavy handed policing, it’s time to come out of your homes and talk to the young people or the people on your block who are setting fireworks off,” he said in 2020.

It wasn’t immediately clear exactly what was causing all the noise on Thursday night. Some in Jersey City also reported hearing possible fireworks.

“All of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn being traumatized RN thanks to an unannounced, ultra loud LONG fireworks show(?) at 10:30 pm on a Thursday,” one user on Twitter said.