NEW YORK (PIX11) — If you have ever eaten a spoonful of ice cream and thought “I wish this tasted more like a fresh slice,” you’re in luck.

New York City-based ice cream company Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, the same minds behind a Macaroni & Cheese flavor, are back with seven new concoctions, which will be sold exclusively at Walmart starting March 14. The flavors will only be available for a 10-week rotation, so if you’re hankering for a pizza-flavored cone, you need to act fast.

In addition to the Pizza flavor — a cream cheese and mozzarella ice cream with tomato jam swirl and basil crust cookies — Van Leeuwen is also rereleasing its Macaroni & Cheese flavor. A Planet Earth flavor, which the company said will feature blue spirulina almond ice cream and pieces of matcha green tea cake, will also make an appearance.

For those who like a little heat with their sweet, a Hot Honey ice cream — vanilla ice cream with honeycomb and spicy honey swirl — will also hit shelves.

Less adventurous flavors, including Royal Wedding Cake and Wild Blueberry Shortcake, will also hit store shelves. The seven flavors mark Van Leeuwen’s first exclusive rotation of ice cream, and the company plans to collaborate with Walmart again for summer.