BROOKLYN, N.Y. (PIX11) – New York is full of famous buildings and well-known landmarks, and one Brooklyn artist is recreating some popular places one model at a time — but on a much smaller scale.

“When you look at the model, you feel like you’re there,” said Jack Giambanco, who lives in Sheepshead Bay.

He started this artistic endeavor during the COVID pandemic. 

“I would see all these places and family businesses closing and struggling. I thought, how can I use my skills to somehow give back to the community,” Gianbanco said. 

His pieces take weeks to design, he uses pictures and sometimes visits the sites, the renderings are created on a tablet and printing can take days.

It’s done in segments and Giambanco constructs the miniature replica. 

On Friday, a model was presented to the owner and staff at White Horse Tavern on Hudson Street in Greenwich Village. 

The landmark building is known as the second-oldest tavern in the city and was built in 1880. 

“This captures everything the tavern is. It’s a portal to another time. There’s a reason it’s a lot of peoples’ favorite place. To me, it’s the ultimate New York Tavern experience,” said Eytan Sugarman, owner for four years.  

He commissioned their piece after seeing other models on social media, and word of mouth brings fans to Giambanco‘a work. 

“Seeing the reaction. They’re emotional. It brings back memories,” said the artist. 

“He captures a bit of New York,” said Ed Dutchmazz a tour guide around the city, who stopped by to see the model. “The models shine a light on the history and it is truly a gift to all of us. It makes you want to get out and experience the place firsthand.” 

When the design is complete, the piece can be reproduced for other clients and the public. 

One of the most popular is the model of Roll-N-Roaster, a popular restaurant on Emmons Avenue in Sheepshead Bay.