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THE BRONX — A 15-year-old suspect was being questioned Saturday evening for last Sunday’s Bronx scooter shooting that left a 16-year-old reputed gang member dead in the back of a livery cab, two law enforcement sources confirmed to PIX11 News Saturday night.

A senior law enforcement source could not release the suspect’s name to PIX11 News because he’s a minor, but the suspect was being questioned in connection to the murder, and the teen is affiliated with the Crips gang.

A second law enforcement source told PIX11 News that two persons of interest — both juveniles — were being held in the Bronx for questioning

The shooting victim was 16-year-old Ramon Gil-Medrano, a reputed member of the 800 YGz crew of the rival Bloods, who have been violently feuding with the Crips. Police believe Gil-Medrano was killed in retaliation for the fatal shooting, earlier Sunday, of 13-year old Jaryan Elliot, a reputed crew leader with the Crips.

PIX11 News reviewed surveillance footage from inside the cab, which showed Gil-Medrano looking down at his cell phone seconds before the shooting. A source told PIX11 News earlier this week that Gil-Medrano was followed from his Bronx residence, when he got into the cab. He was sitting behind the front passenger seat in the car, close to the window.  

On the footage, you can see the bright lights of two scooters in the rear window as they speed up from behind the livery cab to Gil-Medrano’s side of the vehicle, shooting through the rear, side window, hitting the victim in the head and chest.

The cab driver is seen ducking down in the front, when he hears the shots, and then nervously looking sideways as the scooters leave the scene.

Ramon Gil-Medrano had survived a previous shooting in 2020 but wasn’t lucky this time, pronounced dead at St. Barnabas Hospital.