THE BRONX (PIX11) — A beaten MTA worker showed up in court on Tuesday, hoping to face the man who allegedly attacked him, but for the third time, the suspect was granted permission to not appear in court.

The family and colleagues of Anthony Nelson also showed up. They’re frustrated Alexander Wright, 49, did not appear before the judge, but said they’ll continue to show up, even if Wright doesn’t.

Though Wright has been charged with felony assault and harassment, he has yet to put in his plea in the case. The leaders with TWU Local 100 and victim’s family say they are disappointed with how the case is unfolding.

“Anthony is in a lot of pain,” Nashia Nelson, his sister, said. “He is really, really disappointed that this guy didn’t show up. They adjourned it, but we are going to stand beside him. We are going to every single court date. We are not going to miss a court date. We are going to be here until the end.”

Wright allegedly attacked Nelson, a subway cleaner, at the Pelham Bay Park subway station in August. The subway worker was there investigating complaints from commuters. He suffered fractures to his nose and collarbone.

The case was adjourned until Sept. 22. The Nelson family and union workers have vowed to be at court for that day and every other court date.