THE BRONX, N.Y. (PIX11) — Emotions boiled over from residents in the South Bronx on Thursday after stray bullets hit four innocent people in three consecutive days.

Surveillance video showed a 71-year-old woman being shot as she walked across East 138th Street and Brook Avenue on Thursday afternoon.

“I heard three shots. I ran, and I’m a nurse, so I gave her CPR,” a woman told PIX11 News.

The victim took a bullet to the back and died almost immediately, according to officials. A 34-year-old next to her was also shot but survived. A man in all black was seen on video sprinting from the area.

“This place is out of control. It’s been like this for 100 years,” the witness told PIX11 News.

The South Bronx isn’t the only neighborhood being affected by the recent string of shootings, though. A man was shot before 2 a.m. last Friday in Morris Heights, and in a separate incident, three men were fired at by a gunman on a motorcycle Thursday night.

While gun violence in the 40th Precinct has dropped significantly this year, this week has been violent.

Gilly Delgado is a violence interrupter at Lincoln Hospital and has assisted four families since Tuesday when an 8-year-old was shot after school.

“That’s where we come in to mediate the conflict and deal with the solution at hand,” Delgado said.

PIX11 pressed police on their plan to stop the shootings, which they said had been fueled by gang fighting.

“We’re going to mobilize cops from the Bronx and outside the Bronx to this location,” said Chief Benjamin Gurly.

“We’re not going to stop until people are held accountable,” said Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark.