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THE BRONX — They were fishing for stolen mail, but they ended being the ones who got caught — by cops.

Three suspects were arrested last week after officers observed them hanging around mailboxes on a number of corners in the Bronx early in the morning.

NYPD released a picture of the “fishing pole” they were using to try to snag mail — and whatever money and valuable information might be in it.

In the Bedford Park and Norwood sections of the Bronx, neighbors have been advised that suspects are taking water bottles, tying a string around them, and covering them with sticky glue or fly paper to fish envelopes from mailboxes.

Officers included the report in their presentation at the monthly meeting of the 52nd Precinct Community Council.

Two men in their early 20s were arrested along the Grand Concourse at Kingsbridge Road. The other arrest was at Jerome Avenue and East Gun Hill Road.

To be on the safe side try bringing your mail to your local post office or send it out from your place of work.