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KINGSBRIDGE, The Bronx (PIX11) — MTA train conductor Elizabeth Burton was attacked while on the job Wednesday and wants to understand why her perpetrator was not arrested.

Around 8 p.m. Wednesday, Burton said she was operating a D train heading south from Bedford Park when a man kicked in the door of her locked cab and attacked her, grabbing for her neck. She largely managed to fend him off and said he jumped out of the cab window when the train pulled into the Kingsbridge station.

Burton said he left his belongings behind but took the train’s key. She and four train cars full of passengers were stuck inside. Other passengers who saw what happened called for police.

“I was screaming, telling them that he busted into the cab and, at the moment, he had my keys in his hand, and I was trying to tell them so I could open up the back of my train,” said Burton.

Burton claims the responding officers were nonchalant and allowed her assailant to go because he said he knew her.

“They said that they didn’t believe initially that it was a crime,” said Burton. “He couldn’t give them my name or anything to let them further believe that he knew who I was.”

Burton said he had almost gotten away with her subway key, too. She said she had to tell police multiple times that he had her key before an officer went and retrieved it.

PIX11 News reached out to NYPD, and in a statement, they said:

“The report on file is for harassment and trespass. The victim states an individual entered the cab and grabbed the victim’s arm, causing panic and alarm. There were no injuries to the victim. There is no mention of kicking or breaking into the cab.”

Police sources tell PIX11 News that an arrest wasn’t made because officers did not witness anything.

Burton said she wants justice and will not immediately be returning to work.

“I don’t feel safe going back to work,” said Burton. “I don’t feel safe that he knows what I look like at this point and that he’s not locked up.”