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THE BRONX — From power-washing and painting to raking leaves and picking up litter, student volunteers helped to clean up Bronx streets Sunday.

The young volunteers were with Save the Earth from A to Z, which is part of the World Mission Society Church of God.

“We are the residents here in the city and we have to care,” said Victor Lozada, regional coordinator of the organization.

Part of the community volunteer project for the high school and college students was a 30-foot wall covered in graffiti on Sedgwick Avenue, right off of the Major Deegan.

“We are from the Bronx. If we make the environment like this, we should clean it up,” said Jasmin Vargas, a student at Bronx Community College.

Kevin Tierney, who attends the Collegiate Institute for Math and Science said, ”it’s important to show we’re demonstrating an interest in the benefit for the community.”

Assemblywoman Latoya Joyner picked up a paintbrush too to help beautify the space.

“We wanted to make it more attractive for the residents here,” she said.

Organizers say another goal of the street cleaning and graffiti removal is to help reduce crime in the area.

“If we reduce the visible signs of crime we help reduce crime overall,” Lozada said.