THE BRONX (PIX11) — The Agyapong family is stocking up on all the essential clothing.

“As a parent, I really want him to have everything he needs. I don’t want him to lack anything, so he can focus on school,” said Irene Agyapong.

Her son’s high school is one of more than 100 parochial, charter and public schools with a contract with the store to be the sole source for uniforms and gym attire.

The company has been around for over 50 years, with 20 stores in the Bronx and other locations through the five boroughs and Long Island. The District Manager, Anthony Algieri, said things are looking up after a pandemic downturn because students didn’t need uniforms for virtual lessons. 

“Our supply chain is back to normal. We have merchandise in stock. Of course, you are going to run out of things, but we get them in a timely fashion,” said Algieri.

While the shop gets busy, and some parents avoid the long lines by shopping online, others prefer to visit in person.

“Because I wanted her to fit her clothes. It’s better to fit than to have to return,” said Kadish Brooks.

That in-person experience helps get students ready to say goodbye to summer.

“It’s cute, especially when it’s their first time going to school. The girls get excited with their dresses and hair ties. I had a boy tell me this means he is a big boy now,” said Jolene Vasquez, an employee since 2019.

“I am worried about all the homework I am going to get but to be honest, I am excited about all the friends I am going to make,” said student Obed Agyapong.

A word of advice from the store and longtime customers: the later you wait, the longer the lines get, especially after labor day. Then, you also risk your item being out of stock so the earlier, the better.