FERRY POINT PARK, The Bronx (PIX11) —  If you love hip-hop, you can never celebrate the 50th anniversary enough, especially in the birthplace of it all, the Bronx.

A big celebration was in Ferry Point Point. Grand Master Mele Mel, DJ Lex, King B, Asha QDria and The Fifth Element were just some of the many famous groups performing in this eighth Bronx summer concert series.

It’s in Ferry Point Park this weekend because their traditional location, the Orchard Beach pavilion, is undergoing a $100 million renovation.

For the Bronx borough president Vanessa Gibson, she’s happy as long as the celebration is in the Bronx.

“For us in the Bronx, we recognize the history of hip-hop that it started here, and that’s why we’re building the Universal Hip-Hop Museum to be completed in 2025, Gibson, the Bronx Borough President, told PIX11 News. “So that the next generation knows hip-hop and it’s around for the next 50 years.”

This celebration of the 50th anniversary of hip-hop included many artists on the stage who contributed to the growth of hip-hop over the last half-century.

“The Bronx means everything to me. It’s my birthplace,” Grandmaster Caz told PIX11 News. “I helped give hip-hop birth. It is vibrant, and I’m still giving back.”

Grand Master Mele Mel is looking towards the future of hip-hop.

“We got a new song that we’re coming out with Reggae tone and hip-hop crossing over. We’re going to do it here,” Mele Mel told PIX11 News. “We are having a great time.”

For the hundreds gathered here this Sunday afternoon, it was a great time, including tap dancers, DJs and breakers.

“It’s honestly been really fun,” Jayleen Acevedo, an audience member, told PIX11 News. “I came to see my uncle, one of the breakdancers, but it’s all been great.”

“It’s been a great day so far, just a little hot,” Jamaal Soto added.

The ninth and final concert of the Bronx Summer Concert Series will be on Sunday, Sept. 3, in Coop City.