THE BRONX, N.Y. (PIX11) — Waiting for the bus is a part of life in New York City, but one community has had enough. 

MTA planners are in the process of reviewing, evaluating and redesigning bus routes borough by borough.  Changes to 13 routes in the Bronx took effect at the end of June. 

Some riders staged a demonstration Friday at one of the bus stops that was eliminated along the BX33. 

The MTA’s goal is more direct, faster, and reliable service. 

“Since the implementation of the Bronx Local Bus Network Redesign, the MTA has received a great amount of positive feedback from everyday riders. The MTA welcomes all comments and encourages the public to share their thoughts or concerns, which are reviewed by the project team,” said MTA Spokesperson Joana Flores. 

But neighbors at the protest along Morris Avenue in the South Bronx said the MTA eliminated an important part of the route. The stop at 143rd Street, they said, was an important connection point. 

Click here to see the next project and send a comment to the MTA. Planners are working on the Queens system this summer. 

The agency has conducted many meetings and continues to seek information from the communities. 

In 2019, routes in Staten Island were reconfigured. Some parts of the project were changed after implementation based on feedback. 

A bus stop is available two blocks to the south at 141st Street.