THE BRONX (PIX11) — Jasmine Porter was 36 years old and six months pregnant when she was strangled in her Bronx apartment  on Feb. 5, 1996, sources said.

Neighbors found her 5-year-old son wiping the blood off his mother’s face when they made the terrible discovery, according to law enforcement officials.

“My nephew was left with her body for three days,” Porter’s sister, Shauna Porter-White, told PIX11 News Monday evening, after the Bronx Homicide Squad announced the arrest of Gregory Fleetwood, 66, for the 1996 murder.  “He’s now 31.  He was raised by my parents.”

Detective Robert Klein of Bronx Homicide received a tip about the cold case early last year and decided to reopen the investigation. When Klein submitted DNA from the evidence kit to a state and national database, there was a match with paroled killer, Gregory Fleetwood, who had done seven years in New York State prison for strangling another woman in 1987. 

Fleetwood was released in 1994, two years before Jasmine Porter, known as “Jazzie,” was killed inside her apartment on Davidson Avenue in the Bronx.

Fleetwood’s murder charge in 1987 was knocked down to manslaughter, and that’s why he got out of prison after seven years.

“It’s been 26 years,” Jasmine Porter’s sister said, “and I tell you, my God, I wish my mother was alive to see this day.”

Porter also praised Detective Klein for his devotion to the case.

“I feel like this was his sister,” Porter said  “He called her Jazzie.”

The family has suffered another tragedy this year. Porter said her youngest brother, Jason, was murdered four months ago at his Bay Shore home in a robbery gone wrong.