THE BRONX, N.Y. (PIX11) — Shoppers were on edge after a possible prank involving fireworks was made at a shopping mall in the Bronx on Saturday.

The first 911 calls started coming in around 1:30 PM this afternoon. Officials said callers told dispatchers that they thought they heard someone shooting inside The Mall at Bay Plaza. Police rushed over to the area, preparing for an active shooter. But, when they spoke to witnesses, officers said it turned out there was no shooter at all, just somebody with firecrackers.

The NYPD told PIX11 News that someone at the busy mall blew-up firecrackers in the food court area. This caused all sorts of panic and chaos among thousands of mallgoers, many of whom were with very young children. People took off running and ducking for cover while they tried to figure out whether or not they were in immediate danger.

An investigation by police is ongoing.