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MANHATTAN, N.Y. (PIX11) — The parents of Kawski Trawick expressed their concern Thursday outside 1 Police Plaza after a departmental trial for the two NYPD Officers involved in their son’s death was delayed.

“My family and I are still mourning suffering and wanting accountability,” Ellen Trawick said.
April 14, 2019, police responded to calls of a man acting erratically. Surveillance video showed Kawaksi Trawick in the halls of his Bronx supportive housing building, locked out of his apartment and carrying a large pole. 

Trawick was back in his apartment when officers arrived, but tensions quickly escalated. NYPD body camera footage shows Trawick moving toward officers with a knife in his hand. Officers first used a taser on Trawick. He was later shot and killed. 

The Bronx District Attorney’s office investigated the case and decided not to bring criminal charges against the officers. Still, the Civilian Complaint Review Board recommended NYPD departmental charges against officers Herbert Davis and Brendan Thompson last year.

Then Chairman of the CCRB Fred Davie told PIX11 News, “we believe that these two officers should be held responsible and Officer Thompson should be fired.”

A year and a half later, the NYPD department trial for both officers has not begun. Trawick’s family traveled to New York City, hoping a trial start date would be set, but they learned Thursday the trial would be delayed after a request from a union attorney for one of the officers.

“My family and I do not want any more delays. We want Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis fired,” Ellen Trawick told reporters outside 1 Police Plaza.

Patrick J. Lynch, the President of the Police Benevolent Association, responded in a statement saying:

The case was thoroughly investigated by both the Bronx district attorney and the NYPD’s Force Investigation Division, which found no evidence of wrongdoing by these police officers. CCRB is not claiming it has any new evidence that would change those findings. Yet another undeniable tragedy that CCRB is exploiting to advance their own agenda.