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CONCOURSE, the Bronx — Two more suspects in the murder of Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz went before a judge on Wednesday, bringing the total number of people charged to ten.

The NYPD Chief of Detectives, as well as a private detective who’s deeply investigated the gang the suspects are alleged to be involved with, say that more arrests are likely, and that the gang, the Trinitarios, needs to be handled more strongly by law enforcement.

Diego Suero, 29, and Gabriel Ramirez Concepcion, 26, appeared together before the judge mid-afternoon. They were charged in the murder of Guzman-Feliz, a week after seven other men were arraigned for the brutal stabbing.

Daniel Fernandez, 21; Joniki Martinez, 24; Jose Muniz, 21; Manuel Rivera, 18; Santiago Rodriguez, 24; Jose Taverez, 21 and Elvin Garcia, 23, all went before a judge last Wednesday. Their alleged accomplice, Kevin Alvarez, 19, was arraigned two days earlier for the June 20 bloody stabbing.

With Wednesday’s arraignment, the case has now netted ten suspects. More may soon follow.

“It’s possible that there will be [more arrests,]” NYPD Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said at a Wednesday press conference. “So we encourage the public to continue the calls [that] are still coming in.”

He’s still receiving messages on Twitter and Facebook about people who may be involved in the teen’s death.

Chief Shea went on to say that all of the suspects involved in the fatal stabbing of the innocent teen, in an apparent case of mistaken identity, are members of the Trinitarios. The chief added that the gang is being pursued vigorously by law enforcement.

“The dent is just beginning,” he said. “They will feel the wrath of the NYPD.”

It’s not just NYPD detectives in pursuit of the Trinitarios, as private detective Manuel Gomez pointed out in an interview. He’s handled at least three major crime cases, including two murders, involving alleged Trinitarios in the past.

Gomez said that Guzman-Feliz’s case still has a way to go before completion, and that it underscores a greater need for law enforcement to crack down hard on the gang.

“There’s more than 15 individuals involved in total with the stabbing of Junior,” Gomez told PIX11 News. “The other five involved” who have not been arrested in the Junior Guzman-Feliz stabbing death, Gomez said, “were involved in the Bronx River Parkway stabbing” on June 18, in which a 14 year-old was chased onto the parkway by a group of men and stabbed. He was transported in critical condition.

In that case, police have arrested suspect Ramon Paulino, 21. Several other men are still being sought, a fact which Gomez said is a reminder of the urgency to lock up more members of the gang.

“The Trinitarios have activity in four boroughs,” Gomez said. “Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens.”

One of the two men who went before a judge in the Guzman-Feliz case on Wednesday, Diego Suero, is suspected of being part of the leadership of the Trinitarios in the Bronx, according to law enforcement sources.