UNIONPORT, the Bronx (PIX11) — Officer Muhammad Chowdhury’s wife, Nadira Sherin, told PIX11 News he is doing “much better; he is conscious, eating and talking.” 

As his condition continues to improve at a Bronx hospital, detectives continue hunting down the four young men responsible for putting him there.

New video showed them before and after their latest known robbery. The footage showed them just moments before the brutal beating of the 48-year-old cop during his morning exercise routine, which ended with him in a coma for days.

“He’s a very good man, and unfortunately, what happened to him is disgusting and we can’t tolerate this,” one of Chowdhury’s friends said.

PIX11 was the first to obtain video of the Tuesday morning ambush on Olmstead Avenue in the Bronx. Detectives soon discovered the same suspects were likely responsible for nearly two dozen other carjackings, gunpoint robberies and beatdowns in the Bronx and Queens, terrorizing people since Aug. 1. 

“Two guys attacked us and they grabbed my bag, they tried to hit my husband and take his bag,” an attack victim told PIX11 News over the phone. “I started screaming.”

Not only was Vidal Hernandez a victim, but he also happened to discover Chowdhury left for dead on the sidewalk. 

“I saw the guy on guy on the floor, bleeding from the eyes, the head, the ears,” Hernandez said.

Sherin continued to call for justice.

“I want justice for my husband. He took pride in his work, serving the city, and in return, he’s in the hospital,” Sherin said. “Pray for him, pray for him, pray for Muhammad.”