MOTT HAVEN, the Bronx (PIX11) — The bus is back at East 143rd Street along Morris Avenue in Mott Haven.

The bus stop was among those removed in July as part of the redesign of the Bronx Local Bus Network. A couple hundred were eliminated to help speed up bus travel along the routes in the Bronx.

Some residents at the Patterson Houses said the nearest stop, about two blocks away, was in a less busy area with less lighting.

Residents also said they were unaware the stop was being removed. They organized after riders complained the buses were passing by.

On Wednesday, new MTA signs announced the stop has been restored.

“The MTA is monitoring bus routes and amendments as part of a Bronx Local Bus Network Redesign post-implementation review. The project team will continue communicating with customers, elected officials and community leaders to ensure everyone a smooth ride,” said MTA Spokesperson Joana Flores.

Patricia Simpson is the tenant association president at the Patterson Houses. “That goes to show, when we work together, we get things done,” she said.

Bronx resident and advocate Clarisa Alayeto worked with her neighbors. “This should be a lesson to any city agency or any organization to come and talk to the people directly,” she said.

The MTA scheduled community meetings and hearings on the proposals. Much of this planning was during 2021.

For the current redesign in Queens, the agency drafted a new proposal based on responses and has scheduled more than a dozen neighborhood sessions around the borough.

The Queens redesign will probably be finalized this year. Concern has already been expressed about the consolidation of a thousand bus stops.

The next redesign will be in Brooklyn next year. The process will begin with community input to draft some ideas.

Removing bus stops is based on a number of factors including location, number of riders and nearby stops.

The goal is to provide better and more efficient service. The bus routes in the boroughs have not been redesigned for a century.

Staten Island routes were reconfigured before the pandemic. They also made some changes based on rider feedback.