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KINGSBRIDGE, Bronx – A McDonald’s manager in the Bronx was killed early Monday, allegedly by a man well-known in the neighborhood who stabbed the worker following a dispute, authorities said.

Adam Garcia, 28, of the Bronx, was working the overnight shift when he was attacked about 4:30 a.m. at the fast-food restaurant on 5765 Broadway in Kingsbridge – a block away from the 50th Precinct.

NYPD Chief Robert Boyce said the suspected killer sat in the restaurant for eight hours before Garcia asked him to leave so he could clean up.  The man, who Boyce says is known to many in the neighborhood, walked out of the restaurant willingly with Garcia.

Once in the parking lot however, the two started to argue, according to another employee.  The argument led to a physical struggle, according to police, but the pair moved out of view of the employee.

Garcia suffered stab wounds to his back and chest, as well as several defensive wounds and was rushed to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital where he was pronounced dead an hour later.

Police are still searching for his killer.