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CONCOURSE, The Bronx — For Yankees fans across the tri-state region and around the world, there’s a simple, three-word prediction for the make-or-break game the Bronx Bombers have against the Boston Red Sox Tuesday night — one fans are hoping they’ll hear broadcaster John Sterling exclaim at the end of the game: “Theeee Yankees win!”

Joe Vega, a New York native, was at the Yankees Clubhouse store near Times Square purchasing a gift card for his son early Tuesday afternoon.  

“My dad was a fan,” he said, “and I’ve been a fan since Mickey Mantle was in his last days.”

Mantle, one of more than five dozen Yankees Hall of Famers, retired in 1969.  

Vega said that he knew the Bombers would beat the Sox. The Spinelli Family agreed. They’d come to the Clubhouse store on their vacation from their home in Cape Coral, Florida.

They’d also been at the last game of the Yankees regular season just days before.

Their oldest child, who’s nine, guaranteed a victory over Boston at Fenway Park

“I know the Yankees will win,” she said. “I just feel it.”

One person not feeling the same confidence for the Yankees team was Mayor Bill de Blasio. Yes, the mayor of New York City.

“I’m being very neutral,” said de Blasio, during an appearance on NY1’s “Inside City Hall” program on Monday evening. “I’m not even sure – I don’t even know there’s a game at 8:00 tomorrow night, okay?” he said, jokingly.

The mayor is a lifelong Red Sox fan. For this crucial series against Boston, he’s tried, vaguely, to conceal his loyalty.

“May the better team win,” he said on Monday.

As the mayor noted, Tuesday night’s American League Wild Card Game is set for 8 p.m.; the winner advances to the American League Division Series.