THE BRONX (PIX11) — Train shows are a definite sign that the holidays are arriving in the city. They’re always on time and track. 

The New York Botanical Garden’s Holiday Train show opens on Nov. 18 and runs through Jan. 15. It begins outside, where the original exhibit was first constructed 32 years ago.

It has become a tradition in the city. 

No one minds waiting for the train or watching it pass when flowers surround it. 

Grand Central is all-natural, and the original Penn Station stands forever preserved in wood.  

A centerpiece exhibit features some of the Bronx’s landmarks, from Yankee Stadium to the mansions of the Gilded Age. History comes alive. 

“You’re appreciating someone’s work, and at the same time they’re appreciating something in your city that they love,” said Ed Garcia Conde who lives in and writes about the Bronx. 

The wooden tracks and pine cones fit right in among the trees on the garden grounds.  

Creators said the new exterior portion really showcases and symbolizes how the models are created. 

“We do go into the forest and find and harvest the materials that we use to create the buildings. it’s a celebration of that,” said Laura Busse Dolan with Applied Imagination.

The firm has created layouts and structures since the beginning. 

The finale brings viewers to the water’s edge and the buildings of Manhattan. The Statue of Liberty is shown in a different robe of palms and a pomegranate torch.  

Model trains will travel along tracks and colorful displays. Everything is made from logs, bark, pods and natural materials.