THE BRONX (PIX11) — With millions of eyes on the Super Bowl this weekend, a high school in the Bronx is making huge strides in cutting down on concussions.

The Director of Athletics at Riverdale Country School in the Bronx had an idea three years ago to make football safer. Now his ideas have been put into play in a dozen other high schools around the tri-state area, and it’s making a difference.

For 11 years, John Pizzi has been on the field helping young people in the Bronx make the play that will make the touchdown. Pizzi had an idea, get rid of the kickoff. It’s a simple idea with a profound impact. 

Pizzi put it into practice two seasons ago. The impact was immediate and remarkable. Dr. Christopher Nowinski is the CEO of the Concussion Legacy Foundation and is a big fan of Pizzi’s program and new rules.

Pizzi also put into effect reduced contact to play in practice and mandates having a doctor or EMT on-site during games.

The Metropolitan High School Football League adopted these new rules, that’s 12 schools across the tri-state. Pizzi said the bottom line; it’s not about winning but about having fun and competing safely.

They hope other high schools take action and follow their lead.