THE BRONX, N.Y. (PIX11) — A Bronx father was stabbed to death — allegedly by his neighbor — during a dispute over loud noise last Friday, according to police.

The fatal stabbing happened outside a second-floor apartment inside a building on Elsmere Place around 1:44 a.m., NYPD officials said.

Jayvonna Rucker, the girlfriend of the victim, 27-year-old Tyquan Pleasant, witnessed the brutal attack. She said the incident started with loud noises coming from their neighbor’s apartment across the hall.

“We heard loud banging noises, banging, banging, banging,” Rucker said.

With a newborn baby and a toddler trying to sleep, Pleasant apparently went to ask the neighbor to quiet down the noise. But that’s when things took a tragic turn.

“They got into an argument. Next thing you know, the guy came out of his apartment. I just saw him stabbing him a lot of times. I tried to go in front to get him off of him and he kept stabbing him, stabbing him,” Rucker said. “I didn’t have anyone there to help. I tried to save him.”

The alleged assailant was a transgender woman. Police arrested Shaun Pyles, 25, who is now charged with murder. The family said there was a long history between the two involving disputes over loud music or noises.

“They made 311 noise complaints … Everybody in the building would complain about this person,” said Kawanna Pleasant, the victim’s aunt. “It went too far. For my nephew to argue with this person, and then he turned his back and to be stabbed in the back like a coward, my nephew was walking away.”

After the attack, Rucker said she called 911 and tried CPR.

“She told me to put my hand under his nose to see if I could feel something, and I did not feel anything. I knew he was gone,” Rucker said.

Pleasant was a family man, a father to two babies. His death is not only devastating, but it’s also senseless, his family said.

“Life is short. You can be with somebody one moment, then the next minute they are taken from you. You never know. Spend every moment you can with your loved one because I wish Tyquan was still here,” Rucker said.

The family is in need of support and started a GoFundMe fundraiser.