WEST FARMS, the Bronx (PIX11) — The peacock that bit a man after escaping from the Bronx Zoo Wednesday night is back at the zoo, officials said Thursday.

Authorities responded to the incident near 180th Street and Vyse Avenue in West Farms at around 8 p.m. police said. First responders could not catch the peacock before it safely perched itself high up on a tree branch above Krystal Community Gardens.

The beautiful blue and green bird, named Raul, spent the night in the tree before flying back to the zoo on its own, officials said.

“They come out all the time and if you leave them alone they will go back,” said West Farms resident George Rodriguez.

Several videos showed neighbors chasing the bird and trying to save it from oncoming traffic, but the peacock got away. The animal bit a man on the thigh when he tried to corral it near a fence, witnesses said. He was treated at the scene by EMS.

A spokesperson for the Bronx Zoo said the birds are free to roam the grounds and often roost in trees at night.

“Peafowl are not dangerous. The Bronx Zoo has free-roaming peafowl on its grounds which move through the park with guests on a daily basis. Like many other animals, peafowl rely on a flight response when they feel threatened. But like any animal, when cornered, they may react and peck to protect themselves. This is why we are asking people to give the animal space,” the spokesperson said.

City residents have had other recent encounters with wildlife, including Flaco the owl that escaped from the Central Park Zoo. Coyotes are also occasionally spotted within the five boroughs. But the peacock sighting was more of a delight as the male showed off his spectacular plumage.