THE BRONX (PIX11) — Two weeks after a controversial killing in the Bronx, New York City Mayor Eric Adams is speaking out and condemning one of his cops’ actions.

“We don’t throw coolers at fleeing suspects,” Adams said.

Eric Duprey was killed after allegedly trying to flee undercover narcotics cops last month. The NYPD admitted Sergeant Erik Duran threw a picnic cooler, causing a deadly blow.

The medical examiner ruled the 30-year-old died from a homicide caused by blunt force trauma.

“My heart goes out to the family. A terrible incident took place, and that is not in our patrol guide procedures to throw a cooler at someone who is fleeing,” the mayor continued. 

So now, the investigation has been turned over to the New York Attorney General and NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau to make a final determination on charges. 

“What we did was emphasize the importance from the perspective of the family to be charged with intentional murder,” said attorney Jonathan Roberts. 

Earlier Wednesday, Duprey’s family and attorney met with investigators from Letitia James’s office. 

“What she needs to do is file charges and prosecute the murderer, Erik Durant,” demanded activist Chivona Newsome.

Newsome and her brother, Hawk, continue calling for Duran’s immediate arrest while threatening unrest in the street.

“The mayor and NYPD are condemning this man. My question is, what is taking Tish James, our AG, so long?” questioned Newsome.

When pressed, the New York Attorney General’s office had no update for PIX11 News on the investigation – only saying it continues.