THE BRONX (PIX11) — Everyone has something to say about the congestion along Fordham Road; potential solutions are always up for debate.

New York City is moving ahead with plans for a busway along a section of the busy corridor. The configurations are designed to speed up bus service by limiting or restricting other vehicles.

It would stretch about nine blocks between Webster Avenue and Morris Avenue.

But some local leaders are said to hold on a minute.

The Fordham Road Business Improvement District (BID), Belmont Business Improvement District, The Bronx Zoo, New York Botanical Garden, Fordham University, Monroe College and SBH Health System wrote a letter to Mayor Eric Adams and requested a meeting about the project.

“Where are you going to divert traffic? We are asking those questions, and as of today, we don’t have an answer,” said Wilma Alonso, Fordham Road BID President and CEO. “We believe in public transportation and know there’s a need. But, we need to make sure everyone is at the table and making the right decision for the neighborhood.”

NYC Department of Transportation planners are considering creating a bus-only roadway or allowing one lane for other vehicles.

“They need to do something over here. It’s too congested,” said Mohammed as he was sitting in traffic.

The Belmont Avenue Business District has also joined in the request. The neighborhoods around Arthur Avenue are down the street from Fordham Plaza.

They’re asking the city to take some smaller actions first.

“Bus lanes should be faster: 100%. We want the city to do stronger enforcement, tow, boot, and traffic agents. There is a bus lane, and it should be enforced,” said Executive Director of the Belmont BID Alyssa Tucker.

The first select bus service route was created in 2008 along Fordham Road. Unfortunately, many of the lane markings for the bus lane are faded.

“We are committed to improving bus service and supporting businesses across the Bronx, and we’re working closely with the community to accomplish those goals,” said the DOT in a statement.

MTA NYC Transit supports the plan. However, the city is responsible for creating bus lanes.

“Buses are a powerful tool in support of equity and economic growth. The MTA supports NYC DOT’s plans for much-needed improvements to the Fordham Road corridor,” said Senior Vice President of NYC Transit Buses Frank Annicaro. “We know that nearly 90% of visitors to businesses there either walk or use transit. The proposed changes would speed up bus travel for 85,000 existing daily riders and attract new ones.”

Currently, there are seven busways around the city. 14th Street in Manhattan was the first to be installed in 2019 as a pilot program. It runs from Third Avenue to Ninth Avenue from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.