Bronx woman held captive by taxi driver for sex in terrifying ride to Connecticut, cops say

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THE BRONX — A taxi driver offered a woman a ride to her Bronx home, but instead drove her to Connecticut and wouldn’t let her out of the cab until she had sex with him, police said Thursday.

The victim, 27, believed Mohammad Khalek, 47, was taking her home on April 6 until her surroundings began to look unfamiliar.

The suspect, who was known to the victim through her Bengali community, insisted he was taking a shortcut and told her she didn’t recognize the route because she was “new” to the neighborhood, according to police.

When they arrived in Norwalk, Conn., about 40 miles away from where she wanted to go, Khalek allegedly demanded sex from the woman. When he exited his cab to open the backseat door, she escaped.

Police said the woman called 911, but was didn’t know where she was so she hitched ride to a local CVS and from there went home safely.

The victim’s husband identified Khalek as the suspect, police said. He’d remembered reading a recent Daily News article about him, the news outlets reports.

The Daily News had reported that a city judge sanctioned Khlaek for allegedly showing a porn video to a woman in an attempt to get her into his cab.

Khlaek was arrested Thursday and charged with unlawful imprisonment in the latest case, police said.

A spokesperson for the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission said Khalek’s medallion taxi license was revoked after the first incident.

The agency is in the process of revoking his For-Hire Vehicle (FHV) license, which has been suspended pending the outcome of the most recent criminal case, the spokesperson said.

Khalek was set to appear at a hearing Thursday, the same day as his arrest, in the case of his second license but he did not show, the spokesperson said. It’s now up to a judge to decide the fate of his FHV license.

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