CONCOURSE VILLAGE, Bronx (PIX11) — Lynette Bright, who was visiting her sister in the Bronx, got an unwelcome present.

“She startled me out of my sleep to tell me that all my tires [were] gone,” Bright said.

All four tires were stolen overnight, she added. And it seems to be the gift the keeps on giving — this isn’t the first time her car was vandalized on Morris Avenue.

“I had another car,” Bright added. “They took my mirrors, they broke my glass, they stole stuff that I had in the car.”

For Bright, it’s only an issue when she visits the Bronx. But for residents of the neighborhood, it’s a concern they live with every day.

Wayne Horsford has lived in the neighborhood for three years.

“I’ve been a victim also,” Horsford said. “My scooter [was] stolen right in front of my house.”

Another resident, who goes by Raoul, said he once saw another man peep inside a car to see what was inside. Raoul claimed when the man noticed he was being watched, he stopped. Later that day, Raoul said the car window was smashed and items inside were stolen.

Residents said most of the incidents happen on the street touching Claremont Park, where there are no cameras. Neighbors look out for each other by putting orange cones on the other side of the street to save parking spots in view of some home security cameras.

“The Commanding Officer of the 44th precinct is aware of complaints involving stolen tires and rims and is working to address them,” the NYPD told PIX11 News. “These thefts are not limited to any one area of the precinct. However, additional cameras have been installed throughout the precinct to address shootings and robberies.”

The police department is also recommending residents use car alarms or park in well-lit areas, but neighbors said parking is hard to come by as it is.

“I want support from the police department,” Bright added. “I hope that they would come here, some kind of patrol would continuously be on this block.”

Bright said Honda told her it will cost almost $5,000 to get new wheels.

“I’m on disability,” Bright said. “I’m barely making it on the prices I’m paying now, but I have to pay this because I’m afraid to ride the train.”

In the meantime, residents said a temporary solution would be to get everyone on the block to install cameras on their own homes.