MOUNT HOPE, the Bronx (PIX11)– Authorities recovered approximately $24 million dollars worth of drugs from a stash apartment in the Bronx Monday, officials said.

The raid of the third-floor apartment on 112 Henwood Place in Mount Hope netted 250 pounds of heroin, fentanyl, and cocaine, as well as fake pills and crystal meth, officials said.

Julio Mota Plasencia, 39, tried to run from law enforcement but was found standing on the windowsill in the bedroom, police said. He was arrested and charged as a major trafficker. He’s being held without bail after appearing in Manhattan Criminal Court.

Authorities said they found several duffel bags containing drugs scattered around the apartment. One bag had 50,000 to 75,000 counterfeit pills believed to be a form of oxycodone. The pills may contain fentanyl, officials said.

The DEA said fentanyl is responsible for 78% of overdose deaths across New York City.

Another bag containing 30 to 40 kilograms of narcotics and three ziplock bags of heroin was found in a closet, police said. All the drugs recovered will be analyzed in a DEA laboratory.

“Data doesn’t lie, New York is under siege by criminal drug networks flooding our city streets with fentanyl, killing people at record rates,” said DEA Special Agent-in-Charge Frank Tarentino.