EASTCHESTER, the Bronx (PIX11) – It’s the last thing you want to hear after coming home from a long day at work, but a Bronx neighborhood has been agitated with all the sights and sounds that come with drivers doing donuts in the streets.

Screeching tires, smoke and the smell of burning rubber fill the air near the Boston Secor Houses in Eastchester. Residents there said their quality of life is disrupted with people doing donuts at all hours of the day and waking them up in the middle of the night.

Sherri Yancey is a member of the Tenants’ Association.

“Take consideration that we have people that live in the neighborhood and we want peace,” Yancey said.

Skids marks dominate the blacktop and dozens of the donut circles overlap. Residents said it gets so out of hand that many drivers performing the donuts crash into parked cars and drive away.

Former City Council Member Andy King said this comes only three years after improvements to the street made by the Department of Transportation.

“We spent thousands of dollars repaving the road, putting islands in so pedestrians can be safe [and] cars can travel safely,” King said.

Residents believe a solution to the noisy problem is to place an island in the middle or to have flex posts or bollards, which are vertical posts, that can be installed in the street.

Rafael Casanova, the general manager for BMJ Towing, said he gets dispatched to the area about four times a week.

“A lot of people call us early in the morning frustrated wondering what happened to their car,” Casanova said.

Those who’ve lived in the area for decades said this would’ve never happened in the neighborhood when they first moved in. Back then, Yancey said, people “looked out for one another.”

The NYPD told PIX11 News that the Commanding Officer of Police Service Area 8 is aware of the condition and is working to address the issue.