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SOUTH BRONX —  While the deals on Amazon’s annual Prime Day kept many on their toes Tuesday, Bronx resident Noelle Santos was on a mission to bring her community something the commerce site doesn’t have in stock.

“A social hub you know for people to come together and talk about social issues,” she told PIX11 News. “That is something amazon cannot provide.”

Santos, like many in her borough, feel under served when it comes to bookstores.

For the exception of a Barnes & Noble in Co-Op City, the Bronx falls short when it comes to providing hubs for avid readers.

“We have 1.4 residents in the Bronx and 10 colleges and just that one bookstore and its not really accessible,” she explained. “We do support it because its all we have but we
remain under served and that’s why the Lit Bar is coming in.”

The Lit Bar is an independent bookstore that Santos wants to bring to the South Bronx.

In addition to books, the shop will offer a selection of wine, hence the name Lit Bar.

It will also serve as an outlet for local authors trying to showcase and sell their work.

“When you think about the South Bronx you don’t usually think about wine and intellectuals reading,” Santos said. “It’s really a movement to break those Bronx stereotypes.”

Last month, the Human Resources director submitted the idea to the New York Public Library’s business plan competition. Winners will be announced in September.

Until then, Santos is making a plea to local property owners.

“The market rates are skyrocketing so we really need someone who could connect us to a property owner with affordable rent to really get behind our mission.” she said.

If you want to get behind the movement to bring books to the Bronx, visit Santos’ blog.

Also, raise awareness on social media by using #TheBronxReads and follow them on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram: @TheLitBar