MOTT HAVEN, the Bronx — The mother of a four-year-old boy who fell from a six-story window said he’s a “little warrior” and wants to thank officers who helped save his life.

The boy is recovering in the hospital with just minor injuries after falling Tuesday. His mom said he somehow fell between a gap in the window created by an air conditioner.

Dominique Christian told PIX11 News the first thing her son, Karter, asked for at the hospital was his blanket and some juice. He has a broken leg, but Christian said he’s lucky to be alive, thanks to some quick thinking from neighbors and first responders.

“My baby is warrior,” she said. “He’s a fighter … he was meant to be here.”

Christian showed PIX11 News the window near Karter’s bunk bed, where he fell to the grassy area she said broke his fall. NYCHA workers were busy working on the windows Wednesday.

Police said the incident is under investigation.

NYCHA is also launching an investigation, according to a statement. The housing authority called the incident “unfortunate” and said they would work to provide assistance to Karter’s family.

“Upon initial review, window guards are present throughout the apartment where required and were last checked in February 2022, and there are no repair work orders on record for the air conditioners present in the residence,” NYCHA said.

Christian said she wants to thank the police officers who drove her son to the emergency room at Lincoln Hospital.

“Everybody was running with my baby,” she said. “They saved my baby,” said Christian.

She urged all parents living in NYCHA to check their windows, especially if they have air conditioning units.

Christian said in order to visit her son now, she has to be accompanied by a social worker. She plans to bring her son bringing his blanket and favorite teddy bear to the hospital today.

She said she will be with her “little miracle man” until he makes a full recovery.