ORCHARD BEACH, the Bronx (PIX11) — Mayor Eric Adams reiterated once again on Monday that he is committed to sending migrants to the Bronx.

He was pressed by residents over safety concerns. The still-under-construction encampment experienced some flooding over the weekend during heavy rain.

“This is inhumane for any human to live in,” said one Bronx resident at a rally in the Orchard Beach parking lot.

However, the rally was not purely a good faith attempt to raise concerns. A number of the speakers, including local Republicans and conservatives, referred to the migrants destined for this place as “illegal immigrants.”

Those arriving on the buses, most sent by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, are asylum seekers who’ve been allowed into the country while their claims are processed.

However, the concerns about safety and flooding have dogged Mayor Adams since he announced this plan a few weeks ago. The encampment is being built in a flood zone.

He continued to downplay those worries on Monday.

“We’re going to make sure people are safe and provide the services and, as needed, we will pivot and shift,” Adams said.

Adams did say the migrants arriving here for up to 96 hours of processing would not be subject to any sort of security screening process– though he made a generic promise the city would secure the site.

The mayor also left the door open for the building of more encampments, and said negotiations with cruise ship companies to house migrants are ongoing.