THE BRONX, N.Y. (PIX11) – A Bronx man has been indicted for allegedly beating and starving two teenage siblings who were under his care in an apartment for weeks, District Attorney Darcel Clark announced Tuesday.

Michael Ramos, 34, was arraigned on four counts of first-degree kidnapping, two counts of first-degree unlawful imprisonment, 14 counts of second-degree assault, seven counts of fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon, two counts of third-degree criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of a firearm, and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, among other charges.

Ramos is accused of pistol-whipping, beating and starving a 14-year-old girl and her 13-year-old brother who were living with him in his apartment in the NYCHA Eastchester Gardens housing complex.

The apartment initially belonged to Ramos’ mother, who had adopted the victims when they were babies. The victims were left in Ramos’ care after his mother died in 2019, authorities said.

On April 17, police responded to Ramos’ apartment after a 911 call reported a commotion. When officers arrived, Ramos opened the door to his apartment, where he had a firearm sitting on a table, authorities said.

Upon further investigation, the responding officers discovered two teens who looked “very skinny” and had bruises throughout their bodies. It was discovered the two teens had been beaten with wooden sticks, bats, and brooms, as well as handcuffed and tied up with electrical cords, according to police. The victims hadn’t left the apartment in months, authorities said.

“[Ramos], who was the guardian of the teen siblings, allegedly made their lives a living hell,” Clark said.

Ramos also allegedly jabbed the children with a fork and burned them with cigarettes. According to the investigation, Ramos on multiple occasions held a loaded pistol to the victims’ heads and said, “Someone is going to die today. Do you want to die today?”

“His alleged actions against these children are disturbing and sickening. We will obtain justice for the victims, who have suffered horrific trauma,” Clark said.

Ramos is due back in court on Aug. 16.