THE BRONX, N.Y. (PIX11) — The art and science of beer making has increased in popularity. And with the number of breweries growing in New York state, one non-profit is also working to increase diversity.

The Bronx Brewery has partnered with Beer Kulture, which focuses on diversity, equity and inclusion in the brewing industry. They celebrated the one-year anniversary of their collaboration, which offers two-month paid internships.

Seven people have graduated and are working in the industry. Gali Hernandez, a brewer, said that’s an important part of the mission.

“We’re intentionally trying to include people of color to the brewing industry,” Hernandez said.

Bronx Brewery has made a special batch to celebrate the anniversary of the internship program and the people embarking on a beer career.

Click here for information on the internship program which is accepting new applications.